Thursday, June 6, 2013

5th Grade Tea, Awards Day, & Butterfly Release

 At the end of each school year, we honor our 5th grader Gators with a Tea, followed by our Awards Day Ceremony, and then a Butterfly Release.  This is a very busy day for our students and 5th grade teachers.  Our PTO provides all of the refreshments for the Tea and decorates our courtyard for the students.  The students are also graced with the beautiful sounds from the strings department of the middle school that is next door to our school as they enjoy their refreshments and final moments with teachers, friends, and our administrative team.  The students come dressed in their very best for these special events!  After the Tea, parents are then invited to attend the Awards Day Ceremony. During our Awards Day Ceremoney, we give out academic, citizenship, reading, and character awards.  This year we recognized 42 students who made all As in 3rd-5th grade, 54 students who received the Silver Presidential award, and 72 students who received the Gold Presidential Award for their academic achievement!  After our Awards Ceremony, the students then parade out to our bus loop where the entire school along with family and friends are waiting for them to come out and release butterflies.  This signifies their new journey on to middle school.  Below are pictures of our Tea!  Now, we begin preparation for promotion!!
Ms. Scriven's Class of 2013

Students waiting in line for refreshments.

Students sharing a final moment with our Principal.

PTO serving our students!

Students enjoying their refreshments!!

My former students in the middle school strings! 

This year's end of school year theme for 5th grade is "Plotting a New Course."  Check out the presentation that we shared with our parents at the end of our Awards Day Ceremony! This presentation consists of pictures that were taken thoughout the school year of each of our six 5th grade classes.

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