Friday, February 21, 2014

Dancing to the Order of Operations

We just finished studying all about order of operations in math. Before we began each lesson, the students would sing an order of operations song that I found on YouTube.  After about three days of singing the song, my students decided they wanted to put movement to the words.  I was all for this...I'm all about anything that engages my students! I was so impressed with how well they worked together as an entire class!  I always have them work in small groups, but never as a class on such a task this huge.  

I told them I would give them one week to put something together and they would only get 15 minutes out of our instructional day to work on it.  It was hard giving up that 15 minutes with the 3 snow days and 2 hours delays we have already had this year. You all know how every minute of the instructional day is precious to us! :) Anyway,  the students worked hard and put together a very impressive performance!  Check it out!

At our monthly faculty meetings each teacher has to share something fun and creative they are doing in their class! This past week I had to share, and this is what I presented to the faculty! My colleagues loved it! They all clapped and cheered after the video was over!  The next day, we saw our two Assistant Principals in the cafeteria and they couldn't stop telling the students of the great job they did on their dance.  The Assistant Principals were even doing some of the dance moves and singing the order of operations song! Can't you tell I am a proud teacher?!! 


  1. Wow, that was awesome! :) you may have sacrificed time but I bet it will pay off. They will remember the song and order of ops forever.

  2. I was at that staff meeting and watched the performance. It was very inspiring. Kids are amazing and when they have an awesome teacher allow them to shine, they show us how truly awesome they are! Great job Ms. Scriven