Sunday, May 17, 2015

Teensy Tabs: End of School Year Memory Booklet

It is so hard to believe that the end of the school year is here!  We have 14 more days of school left, but whose counting?! :) How many do you have?!  I have many activities planned to help keep my students engaged these last few days of school.  One activity is my Teensy Tabs: End of School Year Memory Booklet.  My students loved completing this end of year activity. This booklet allowed them to share their favorite experiences from this school year.  It also gave them the opportunity to share some of the things they liked about me as their teacher.  I always love this part of any end of the school year memory book!  Once students completed their books they were allowed to share them with their classmates and sign the autograph page at the end of the booklet.

Teensy Tabs is a new concept that I have used this year with my students.  If you like Teensy Tabs: End of School Year Memory Booklet, be sure to check out my World War I and What is Matter Teensy Tab booklets!

Teensy Tab booklets can be used as a study tool and as a way to assess student leanring of a particular concept or skill.  I often use them in the place of a quiz! Students especially love this!  Students can also staple their Teensy Tab booklet in their interactive journals so that they will always have them right there at their fingertips!  I absolutely love Teensy Tabs and will be working on more this summer!  What would you like to see in a Teensy Tab booklet?  

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