Tuesday, June 30, 2015

TpT Seller Challenge Week Two: Dare to Dream

I am a week behind in my TpT Seller's Challenge, but I am determined to get caught up!  This past week has been busy with getting my son back and forth to dance practice in order to prepare for his trip to Las Vegas for the National Dance Awards Competition and preparing for our trip.  Now that we are in Vegas and my son is in his dance class, I can spend some time getting caught up on my TpT Seller's Challenge!

Week two of the challenge is Dare to Dream.  I have so many goals for my TpT store, but I am going to only share my top two goals.

Goal #1: Pay dance tuition!


This year my son made the company dance team!  Whoop Whoop!  I was super excited for him because dancing is his passion!  Little did I know the cost is very expensive.  There is monthly tuition and membership fees, costumes which have to be purchased, travel and hotel expenses (like this Las Vegas trip to the Dance Awards National Convention), and the cost of the three dance conventions we attend each year.  Oh, did I mention that there is a cost for each dance piece my son dances in at each convention. Oh yeah, there is also the cost of his weekly private lessons! No, private lessons are not included in the monthly tuition fee!  So as you can see dance is quite expensive. TpT has helped me cover a great deal of my son's dance! I thank God for giving me the ability to create great resources to help supplement my income for my son's dream! 

Goal #2: Help teachers to be successful!

I love helping teachers!  My goal is that TpT will help me to a develop a PLC that will allow me to share various professional development opportunities that will help teachers be successful in the classroom.  For example, I am very big on flipping the classroom.  I would love to create an entire online workshop on flipping the classroom and share it with other teachers.  I want to develop creative resources for teachers to use to help them get started with flipping their classroom as well as resources for students to use within the flipped classroom. This is just one example of the many ideas I have for teacher professional development.

These are just two of my goals for TpT.  My second goal is going to take some time, but just sitting her blogging about it has my mind working overtime!  Off I go to put some things on paper to begin developing the PLC that will help teachers be successful!  Do you have any ideas that would help me get started?  I would love to hear from you!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

TpT Sellers Challenge: Week #1 Makeover Madness

I have taken on the TpT Seller's Challenge hosted by these four amazing bloggers -
This challenge came at the perfect time!  One of my goals this summer is to spend more time on my Teachers Pay Teacher store.  The challenge began this week and I have been busy, busy, busy trying to complete the first challenge - Makeover Madness.  The first product that needed a serious makeover is my 13 Formative Assessments to Use With Any Subject.  I have wanted to update this product for the longest!  As a matter of fact my intern was looking through my store and said about this product, "This must have been one of your first products because you would never create anything like this now!" I knew then I had to do a huge makeover! I was going to just update the cover, but then thought to myself - Go for the gusto and update the entire product!

As you can see the cover is more pleasing to the eye!  The different fonts make the cover page pop and the graphics add a nice touch.  I have also added the grades which this product is appropriate for and my copyright has also been added to the product.
I have also changed the borders and the graphics on each assessment page, making them a bit bolder. I wanted to give the product a more clean look and feel!  The fonts have also been changed making it much easier to read. Finally, my copyright has been added to each assessment which was not anywhere on the first product!  So, if you already own this product and like the makeover, be sure to head over to 
and download the updated version!

If you like this new look and would like to have it for your class next year, you are in luck! It is currently on sale!  Click here to head over to my store to grab it!  Check out the video for a quick preview of some of the assessments I have included in this product for you and their new makeover!  

Be sure to check back for more product makeovers!