Wednesday, June 17, 2015

TpT Sellers Challenge: Week #1 Makeover Madness

I have taken on the TpT Seller's Challenge hosted by these four amazing bloggers -
This challenge came at the perfect time!  One of my goals this summer is to spend more time on my Teachers Pay Teacher store.  The challenge began this week and I have been busy, busy, busy trying to complete the first challenge - Makeover Madness.  The first product that needed a serious makeover is my 13 Formative Assessments to Use With Any Subject.  I have wanted to update this product for the longest!  As a matter of fact my intern was looking through my store and said about this product, "This must have been one of your first products because you would never create anything like this now!" I knew then I had to do a huge makeover! I was going to just update the cover, but then thought to myself - Go for the gusto and update the entire product!

As you can see the cover is more pleasing to the eye!  The different fonts make the cover page pop and the graphics add a nice touch.  I have also added the grades which this product is appropriate for and my copyright has also been added to the product.
I have also changed the borders and the graphics on each assessment page, making them a bit bolder. I wanted to give the product a more clean look and feel!  The fonts have also been changed making it much easier to read. Finally, my copyright has been added to each assessment which was not anywhere on the first product!  So, if you already own this product and like the makeover, be sure to head over to 
and download the updated version!

If you like this new look and would like to have it for your class next year, you are in luck! It is currently on sale!  Click here to head over to my store to grab it!  Check out the video for a quick preview of some of the assessments I have included in this product for you and their new makeover!  

Be sure to check back for more product makeovers!


  1. This looks fantastic! I am moving up to 3rd grade this year (1st and 2nd the past couple years) so I'll be looking to some of the "intermediate" blogs like yours for some more great ideas!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your cover looks great! You can't go wrong with chalkboard ;)

  3. It made such a big difference! It's amazing how just a little change makes such a big difference!